8 October 2018

ISWC2018 workshop on Decentralizing the Semantic Web

A workshop that focuses on clients

Purpose and scope

Unfortunately, the Semantic Web is increasingly becoming a centralized story: we rely on large-scale server-side infrastructures to perform intense reasoning, data mining, query execution, etc. Therefore, we urgently need research and engineering to put the “Web” back in the “Semantic Web”, aiming for intelligent clients instead of intelligent servers. The DeSemWeb2018 workshop purposely takes a radical perspective by focusing solely on decentralized and client-side applications, to counterbalance the centralized discourse of other tracks. While we recognize the value in all subfields of the Semantic Web, we see an urgent need to revalue the role of clients.

Submit to this workshop and help put different topics on the Semantic Web community’s research agenda, which will lead to new inspiration and initiatives to build future Semantic Web and Linked Data applications.

Topics of the DeSemWeb workshop series

Share your work on these topics and related subjects:

The Web is our main differentiator compared to other communities such as Big Data, databases, and machine learning. If we’re not betting on the Web now, we risk becoming obsolete as a Semantic Web community.

Ruben Verborgh, DeSemWeb co-organizer

Your creative input is needed to make this happen!

Share your research, clients, and vision at the DeSemWeb2018 workshop.

Come and join us in Monterey in October at ISWC2018 to discuss about the Web.